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If you have information about anyone, esp. obits please e-mail us.
If you personally knew any & would like to share your memories please e-mail us.

This page is the current scoreboard, as we know it, of nude models, actors in erotic films/videos, photographers 
& directors who have crossed the river Styx or are alleged to have crossed plus the names of those who are still around by the grace of the Almighty.

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BELOVED by friends & "family" & ADORED by fans
As long as they are remembered they live on.
Thank you all for the pleasure & joy you gave us, many times despite personal problems.

We love you all & miss you all greatly.

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"MORGAN" (YMAC/Higgins - murdered-thrown off cliff early 80s)   "MICHAEL & PHILLIP " (Falcon - lovers - A.I.D.S.)  John M. "JAKE CORBIN" Aveno  (1963-1992 Erotic actor/ performer A.I.D.S.)  Frederick Martin "MARC RADCLIFFE" Shasteen, Jr. (1966-1995 drowned at home in tub)   Dom Stephen "ETIENNE" / "STEPHEN" Orejudos (09-24-1991  A.I.D.S. co-founder of Kris studios & legendary artist)  WAYNE ARLEN/JOHN DAVIDSON (AMG/Champion - Vietnam)  NORD STOD (Champion - suicide)  TOMMY JAMISON (Mel Roberts - Vietnam)  BURT EDWARDS (Jaguar/Falcon - A.I.D.S. suicide)   MARC "10 1/2" STEVENS (suicide by gun A.I.D.S.)   Kelly Doyle "DICK MASTERS" Trammel (1964-1990 Falcon - Spinal cancer)  Rolando Angelo "ANGELO / STEVEN MOORE / JACK PALMS / CHUCK PALMS" /Raquel Tori " STASHA" Aleman (1969-1993 Gay porn star who later had a sex change - leukemia)  James Allen "KURT MARSHALL" Rideout, Jr. (1965-1988 Falcon - kidney disease)   JOEL CURRY (suicide)  Daniel Vladimir "DANIEL HOLT" Niedorf (1958-1993 heart attack in tub after a week of crystal meth & no sleep had A.I.D.S.)  JOHN CURTIS HOLMES (1944-1988 asst. things including A.I.D.S.)  Winn "MIKE DAVIS" Strickland (Colt - A.I.D.S.)  Jim "J. W. KING" Waldrop (07-21-19550 -  12-05-1986 A.I.D.S.)   John Nelson "JON  KING" Gaines (1963-1995 A.I.D.S.)  Thomas "JOE SIMMONS" Williams (1959-1995 A.I.D.S.)  Michael "TONY BRAVO" Pietri (1958-1990 Falcon A.I.D.S. Falcon star) John R." SCOTT O'HARA" Scott ( 10/16/61 - 2/18/98 A.I.D.S.)    Roger "FRANK VICKERS" Koch (1948-1991 A.I.D.S.)  Richard Holt "RICHARD LOCKE" Locke (1941-1996 A.I.D.S.)   Rick Steven 'BEN BARKER" Sanford (Catalina Star, Writer & "Sweeney Todd..." freak  1951-1995 A.I.D.S.)  Coleman Charles  "KEITH ARDENT" Jones, Jr. (1954-1992 A.I.D.S.)   ARTHUR BRESSAN, Jr. (director - A.I.D.S.)  Jeffrey Wayne "BUSTER" Cole (1956 - 05-10-1991 congestive heart failure on top of kidney, liver & other heart problems.)   JIM ED THOMPSON (1946-1988 S&M star lover of Chris Burns A.I.D.S.) Danny Joe "CHRIS BURNS" Burns (1958-1995 legendary erotic actor/performer esp. in kink A.I.D.S.)  Dominique Georges " LUCKY LUC" Drevet-Mathieu (actor/director A.I.D.S. 40, 3-2-1992)  JOHNNY DAWES (1955-1989 "Bad Bad Boys" A.I.D.S.)   Russell "Rusty" "PIERCE DANIELS" Wallace (1958-1995 A.I.D.S.)  Cal "CASEY DONOVAN" CULVER (A.I.D.S. 1943-1987 )  David Lee "LON FLEXX" Anderson (1965-1995 A.I.D.S.)   Robert "BOB SHANE" Schmidlin ( actor Roy Garrett's lover A.I.D.S. 1961-1987)  Roy Garrett " ROY GARRETT" Samber (A.I.D.S., 37, 4-3-1992, erotic film star/model/performer/poet, Man-Age discovery)   Donald E. "THOM KATT" Ishmael (the Original with the claw scar tattoo & pierced dick A.I.D.S.)  Wolfgang "RYDER HANSON" Praegert (1957-1989 A.I.D.S.)  William Kenneth "BILL HARRISON" Harrison ("Bijou" A.I.D.S. 1947 - 10-18-1991)  Richard "JESSE KOHLER" Kunze  (1957-1989 A.I.D.S. porn actor)  Douglas Murrell "TIM KRAMER" Cooper (1958-1992 A.I.D.S.)  Darwin Lee "CHRIS LADD" Moehle (1960-1990 A.I.D.S.)   Andrew "Drew" Robert "AL PARKER" Okun (1952-1992 Surge A.I.D.S.)  Darras Robert "LEE RYDER" Pyron (1959-1991 A.I.D.S.) Leo "LEO FORD" Hilgeford (1957-1991 died a few days after being hit by a car while on motorcycle with his lover, Craig Markle)  Ricky "DICK FISK" Fitts ( 10-31-83 Falcon - car accident he was 28) William "BIG" BILLY ELD/YOUNG" Eld (Cocaine addiction slowly drained his life)  Robert Lance "CHRISTOPHER LANCE" Slacke (1966-1994 Matt Sterling/Falcon/Higgins stabbed to death by criminal died at Parkland Memorial where JFK was pronounced dead) Christopher John "CHRISTIAN FOX " McLaughlin(1974-1996 massive drug overdose)   Steven Matthew "MATT GUNTHER" Laing (1963-1997 A.I.D.S.)  Nicholas "Nick" Anthony "JOEY STEFANO" Iacona (1968-1994 drug overdose, model/porn star/legend)  Scott Taylor "SCOTT TAYLOR" Hampton  (1954-1994 master solo erotic artist with large subincision  A.I.D.S. wanted his body to go to college to be sliced up-an artist to the end)  Charles "Chuck" Stephen "CLINT LOCKNER" Romanski 1943-1993 Colt A.I.D.S.)  Jeffrey Garrison "BRAD PETERS" Woodward (1958-1994 Catalina A.I.D.S.)  Rick "GLENN STEERS" Sommers (1958-1994 Colt A.I.D.S.)  Jay B. "JEFF LAWRENCE" Morris (1950-1994 director A.I.D.S.)  Roger John "ERIC STONE" Zellner (1959-1996 Falcon A.I.D.S.)  Dennis "DEREK POWERS" Phung (1946-1996 director/photographer murdered: two of his models tied him to a chair & used the claw end of a hammer on his head then put a Halloween mask on him)   Stephen Arnold "JASON STEELE" Ehpgrave Kuttner  (1950-1995  fab nipples A.I.D.S.)  Kenneth J. "JIM MOORE /CODY RICHARDS " Savoie (1961-1988 A.I.D.S.)  TOM FARRELL (1971-1993 hit and run victim)  Alain "LUC COLTON / MATT CLARKE" Ruest   (1959-1993 Falcon A.I.D.S.)   Darren Eugene "DARRYL WELD / ANSEL RAINIER" Harris (1965 - 07-24-1991 erotic film actor-director -performer A.I.D.S.)   Todd Dunning "CHRIS WILLIAMS" Bart  (1967- 09-11-1991 Falcon A.I.D.S.)  T. R. WITOMSKI ( 1992 A.I.D.S. director Katsam Productions)  Frederick Crane "TRAY CHRISTOPHER" / "CHRISTOPHER RAGE" / "MARY JIM STUNNING" Mongue III ( 1948 - 04-24-1991 Hand-in-Hand, wannabe singer, "Live Video" directed and "acted" in sleazy videos he made A.I.D.S.)  William Arnold "BILLY LONDON" Newton (1965-1990 kidnapped and murdered only his head and feet found in dumpster)  George Joseph "STEVEN CRAIG/KREIG" Dufour (1958-1990 star of the safesex video "Life Guard" A.I.D.S.)   Luke "STEVE KENNEDY" Bender (1995 A.I.D.S.)  Nikolai Elliott Nikolai Elliott "NICK ELLIOT" Ursin (1942-1990 director of many classic films including "Duffy's Tavern" A.I.D.S.)  LOU THOMAS (1933-1990 co-founder of  Lugar, Colt and Target A.I.D.S.)  JOEY YALE ( 4-18-86 lover of Fred Halsted actor director A.I.D.S.) FRED HALSTED (1941-1989 director  suicide-couldn't go on living without his beloved Joey)  Phillip "LUKE" Wagner  (1959-1989 Falcon/Hand-in-Hand A.I.D.S.)  Larry "MARK  REYNOLDS / WARREN STEVENS / KEITH WEBSTER / BILL HILL" Ginsburg (1942-1989 the legendary Larry Ginsburg who founded Trademark & TCS  gave us Kip Knoll & Buster among others massive heart attack) Michael John " ERIC STRYKER / NOEL KEMP / MIKE KELLY" Saunders (1954-1988 "Student Bodies"  AIDS Activist A.I.D.S.)  DANIE  CONNORS (P.M. Productions suicide)  Leon "LEE RICHARDS" Mouton (P.M. Productions A.I.D.S.)  BOB BLOUNT ( 9-6-79 Colt  on motorcycle slammed into tree)  William Anthony "BRANDON WILDE" Filoromo  (1957-1996 murdered) 1957-1996 murdered)  NICK RODGERS ("Grease Monkeys" "The Idol" A.I.D.S.)  TEX ANTHONY TEX ANTHONY ( A.I.D.S)  DAVE CONNORS (A.I.D.S.)   Daryl ROGER Hanson  (1954-1982 Blueboy discovery & Hand-in-Hand model car accident)   "MELCHOR" Diaz (A.I.D.S.)  ROBERT LaTOURNEAUX (the actor who played the present-"Cowboy" on stage & in the film "The Boys in The Band" and later became a nude model/porn actor/actual hustler (life imitating art) 6-3-86 A.I.D.S.)  Dennis "WADE NICHOLS" Parker (discovered by Champion he did work for "Hand-in-Hand, nude modeling then soap operas on TV & had a disco recording career under his real name Dennis Parker 1-28-85 A.I.D.S.)   NEAL "BLADE" BATES (the immortal artist 11-29-16 to 6-27-89)  J. BRIAN (one of the legends in photography & Gay films 1-28-85 Heart Attack brought on by drinking)    John "LEE BALDWIN" Mallette (5-18-62 Buffalo, NY - 11-30-98 massive heart attack Baltimore, MD, the prince of  kink porn)  JOE TIFFENBACH  / LOU ALTON (heart attack, 67, 1-27-92 director/photographer)  James "JIMMY CRICKET" Mello (A.I.D.S. May 16th, 1954 - September 17th, 1992 director/& performer, managed & produced shows on a professional level at NYC's seedy Gaiety Theatre & gave it a Golden age. Directed "Gay Morning America")  Matthew "BEAU MATTHEWS' Polchert / Congelosi (A.I.D.S. , 29, 7-20-1986 porn actor)    Charles "DAMIEN CHARLES"  Herschberg (brain tumor, writer/ Man-Age discovered model)   HAROLD HARRIS GATES, Jr. (A.I.D.S., 33, 10-26-1991 Colt model)   Edward "KYLE HAZZARD" Izzo (A.I.D.S. 1-16-88 porn actor)  Gregory Leslie "ROD PHILLIPS" Patton ( A.I.D.S., 1960-1993)  ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE (A.I.D.S.,42, 3-9-89 shit eating hustler/con artist/phony)  REUBEN STURMAN (1924-1997 heart & kidney failure "The Father of the Adult Industry" Sovereign & MagCorp - magazine publisher & the money behind Glenn M. Turner's STARS magazine)  Wilbur James "SCORPIO" Weiss, Jr. (grade b- porn star & trouble maker 1952 - 1998 A.I.D.S)grade b- porn star & trouble maker 1952 - 1998 A.I.D.S, Man-Age discovery)   Rommel Eugene "STEVE FOX" Hunt ("Foul Play" "Fox's Lair" 10-23-1997 suicide ending 2 years of mental illness) ROBERT OPEL ("FeyWays Prod. & the official streaker of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences cold bloodedly murdered 7-8-79)   Troy Andrew"JEREMY SCOTT" Myers (1961 - 1994 Nova/Higgins)   Paul Francis "PAUL DIROSA / SERGIO CANALI" Sypek  (1963 - 1994 Man-Age Studios discovery   did work for Higgins)  Timothy "MIKE DEAN" King   Timothy "MIKE DEAN" King (1961-1990 Higgins)  David Alan "LANCE" Reis (1962-1991 A.I.D.S. YMAC/Higgins/Falcon)   BOSCH WAGNER (A.I.D.S.) Donald Keith "SPARKY O'TOOLE" Paton (A.I.D.S. 1967-1999)  Steve Reeves - Hercules (01/21/1926 - 05/01/2000 cancer)  JON VINCENT (5/4/2000 heroin overdose) Thomas Robert "CHET THOMAS" Edwards (Catalina 1959-1997 A.I.D.S.)  David  Alan "DAVE CHANDLER" Kemple (1969-1999 Studio 2000 accidental death via head injury) Thom A. "KEITH ANTHONI" Plaski / Amorelli ( 02-09-1952 - 07-22-1991 A.I.D.S. actor/singer "Catching Up" Man-Age exclusive model)  Joel Charles "JOEL CHRISTOPHER" Suraci (12-19-1991 A.I.D.S. nude model/stripper)  Ken "KEN REMSON " Ramsaur (Man-Age model,  first "famous" AIDS death introduced to the nation by Geraldo Rivera on 20/20 on 2 consecutive shows. Ken died between broadcasts)  Jeffrey James "JON VINCENT" Vickers (1962-2000 accidental heroin overdose a few months after moving to NYC from Los Angeles)  Gary Robert "JAMOO" Whitaker (1971-2000 accidental drug overdose   adult video star - hustler - writer) Dick Fontaine (2000 - legendary Physique photographer)  Thomas R. "PETER WAVES" Williams ( A.I.D.S., 1960-1993)  David " MASON FLYNT" Glickman (January 4, 2002  41 A.I.D.S. porn actor)  Kenneth " MIKE HENSON" Seymour (September 20, 2002  heroin overdose Gay film actor) RON PEARSON ( On of the Stars of Falcon's classic "Style" A.I.D.S., 1959-2001)  Jon Steven " SONNY ADAMS" Spivey ( 04/131948-08/01/2001 nterstitial pulmonary disease, beloved friend & model of Mel Roberts) Geoffrey "GEOFFREY KAREN DIOR " Gann (02/14/1967-08/25/2004 Television & adult film actor, director, model, author, giant of adult film industry who proved if you have talent you can do it all of  HIV Hepatitis combo )  Barry J. T. "JOHNNY RAHM" Rogers (06/11/1965-11/07/2004 Beloved, highly talented  Gay actor of many adult films. HIV pos- suicide caused by despair)  John "SEAN" Klamik ( July 22, 1935 - January 5, 2005  beloved artist & legend of pneumonia)  David "ERRON - JEREMY BRENT" Skrivanek ( August 8, 1943 - April 22, 1986  beloved Colt Studio legend  AIDS complications)   Andy Dill  ( October 12, 1967 - December 6, 2006  actor & producer died after short bout with meningitis) Chris "TOM HOWARD" Welch  ( June 20, 1967-February 27, 2007 Colt & Palm Drive Video actor)  Russel Charles  "KYLE McKENNA" McCoy  ( October 27, 1968-March 14, 2000 Gay Adult actor, suicide due to his christian family's hate)  Robert Christopher  "BRETT MYCLES" Sager  ( December 2, 1977 - February 25, 2007 died in sleep of heart failure, family history of such, actor in Gay & Straight adult films, nude, fashion & fitness model)  Shawn L.  "CODY FOSTER" Sumner  ( October 9, 1970 - January 7 , 2007 liver cancer - Gay Adult film star)  Mel  "MEL ROBERTS" Kells  (August 9, 1923-August 8, 2007 Cinematographer at Columbis Pictures & United Artists,  Legendary Photographer, editor for Bel Ami, dear & beloved friend - ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Lou Gehrig's disease. Vallott  "VAL MARTIN" Martinelli  ( July 19, 1939 - April 13, 1985 a very beloved legend in the Gay community via AIDS)  Thomas Earl "KIP KNOLL" Hagen ( August 7, 1957 - May 21, 2001 The first true Gay SuperStar greatly beloved  heart attack )  Jean Daniel  Cadinot  ( February 10, 1944 -April 23. 2008 heart attack - Legendary Gay Photographer & Director who created the most beautiful erotic films in the world) Larry Townsend  (October 27, 1930 - July 29, 2008 famed author & legend) John  "JACK WRANGLER" Stillman ( 07-11-1946 - 04-07-2009.  Legend, Icon. actor, warm, funny & very much loved   emphysema) Allan Gassman ( September 3, 1962 -April 12, 2010 drug overdose combined with being HIV positive - Actor in a number of Robert Patrick plays as well as Gay adult films, director & writer. Did documentary "The O Boys: Parties, Porn & Politics")  Chad "JOSH WESTON" Jason Hull ( January 20, 1973 - December 16, 2012 beloved dancer/actor former Falcon exclusive  AIDS complications) 

NAMES UNKNOWN - MORE & Company models (tortured & murdered by Dean Corll in Houston mass murder early 70s)

HAND-in-HAND films the Gay MGM:
(1935 - 12-2-82 Lung cancer)      Sidney "MARK WOODWARD" Soons (1949-1984 A.I.D.S.)  KEES CHAPMAN (12-05-1948 -7-8-1988   A.I.D.S.)

There is a SICK shit on the Web trying to pass himself off as the legendary ROGER. Roger died in a car crash in 1982.

 Please click here to read the PDF Format of Jack Fritscher's bio of  ROGER

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These are names of  those we know or believe to have passed
but we as yet do not have absolute confirmation.
If you have an obit or info
( full real name, date of birth, date & place of death, Social Security Number 
so we can confirm via the Social Security Death Index ) please e-mail us.


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This section is for those we know to be alive that  you might have wondered about .